Refund Policy

For Services ………..

1. While any order is placed, before starting it you can ask for cancellation. In this case we can pay full refund. You need to call us to any of our numbers.

2. While any order is placed and order started and partially work is done then you can also ask for cancellation of the work but in these case we will charge only for the amount of work is done.

3. While any order is placed and work is done also then we do not provide any refund.

4. While any order is placed and before starting that order, if you want replacement with other service we can give that too.

5. While any order is placed and some amount of work is done and if you need replace with other service if is possible also but equivalent of that amount which was due.


For Products ………..

We have 100% money back guaranty for 30 days.


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