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Social signals are now becoming a very important factor in ranking of site. There was a time when there was no value for it. But now the time is no more. And you have to make good amount of social signals for your site if you want to rank higher in Google. Social signals is a newly evolved term for all type of actions done on social media. These actions include likes, shares, followers, and many other actions too. These actions are given a name of “social signals”.


Due to a large surge in the users of social media. The search engines started planning to use the data from it in compiling the search results. They came up with the idea of social signals. Social signals is a good source of getting data for compiling search results on google. People are now using these social platforms more. And the user base is continuously increasing. Hence these platforms are a good source of getting a truthful customer feedback. And this is what google need to show the best results to their searchers.


Google has always been working hard to provide the best experience to the users. Many people don’t know that the king of search engine’s that is Google is the last search engine that came in the market when already many other search engines were working but Google made its space. The credit for this huge success is fully attributed to the management and developers of this search engine.


The came up with an idea of algorithm that will evaluate the site’s performance on many factors and then will rank it. This was done to provide the best results to the users of this search engine. The algorithm evaluated the number of backlinks pointing to each site and compiled the list of all the sites having the most number of backlinks. Then the algorithm displayed those sites on the first page. But gradually the management came to know that different spammers are making spam backlinks to their sites. They immediately took an action against them and banned all those sites. So in short the search engine tried hard to show the best results. And to give the best experience to their customers.


Now with a sudden increase in the number of social platforms user base. The management of this search engine started thinking about using data from it. Because they recognised that people are giving their best reponse on social media. And specially all responses are truthful and there is no fraud in them. Hence they developed a way to use these responses for compiling the results. They amended their algorithm to make it capable of including data from social media platforms. They were quite successful in it and brought a good update. They showed that this method is quite successful in showing good results to the people. So now social signals has a good value and you should give good number of social signals to your site if you want to rank it higher. But the process is quite hard to manage so we can manage your social signals need. We are providing facebook photo likes that will surely increase your ranking. We always deliver more than we commit!