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attempting to profit traction on Instagram?

considering running an Instagram giveaway to grow your viewers and promote your manufacturer?

you have got come to the appropriate area.

Now that the image sharing social community has grown up out of the shadow of its big brother facebook, the Instagram playing container is growing to be tons greater competitive. The sheer amount of people using the app proves that social media is no longer an vague channel for finding buyers.

every manufacturer, together with your opponents, are vying for the consideration of your buyers on Instagram. growing to be an Instagram page from zero to a thousand isn’t any longer so simple as posting photograph accepted.

here’s where an Instagram giveaway can assist you develop.

Instagram giveaways are:


  • enjoyable and engaging. A a success Instagram giveaway develops the connection between your company and your target viewers.
  • economical. All you want is a prize.
  • convenient to set up, run, and replicate. when you discover a system that matches your audience you could put one on as regularly as you’d like. Rinse + repeat = develop.


listed below are the 5 steps for running an Instagram giveaway.

1. select a Giveaway Theme

in case you’ve determined to run an Instagram giveaway leading as much as a holiday your theme option is obvious. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.

Your contest may still always have a theme or a goal. You do not have to look ahead to a largely celebrated holiday to do one. which you could have a good time the rest, your enterprise’ anniversary, a huge event just like the Olympics, or effectively the alternate of season. The choice is absolutely as much as you, however be inventive and decide a theme that your viewers can celebrate together with you.

within the example below, David’s Tea created a thrilling hashtag giveaway to advertise their stunning tea selection. Followers can share their own flat lay pictures like the one under, and use the hashtag #TeaExplorer and tag David’s Tea for an opportunity to win a prize and be featured on the David’s Tea Instagram web page.

David’s Tea changed into able to incorporate their Instagram giveaway across the theme of summer time exploration. They received to engage with their followers, develop their web page, and compile some astonishing consumer generated content material for future use.

Like David’s Tea, you’ll are looking to create your very personal exciting hashtag that embodies the theme of your giveaway. it’s going to be used to arrange the entire entries and add to the theme of the whole event. remember to assess if the hashtag is getting used and take a look at to be as long-established as viable.

2. choose the suggestions

How will people enter? be cautious and view you’re making an attempt to accomplish with this Instagram giveaway.

Are you trying to increase your follower count number? Then make it fundamental, require that contributors follow you. this could reduce the barrier to entry and make sure that you get greater web page followers.

Are you trying to boost brand visibility? Then have members repost the contest photo or tag their pals within the feedback. concepts like these ones will enhance the visibility of your giveaway.

The ultimate contest would pick a mixture of two-3 of the following:


  • Like a photograph
  • Use a unique hashtag
  • observe you Instagram web page
  • Repost a photograph
  • Tag chums
  • depart a remark/Caption a photo


Make the entry rules as handy to be aware like the instance under: (1) post a photograph; (2) comply with the account; (three) use the hashtag.

you have got a decision of including the text in a caption or on the photograph itself. simply be certain the timeline, rules, and prize are handy to examine and bear in mind to prevent any confusion.

three. select a time limit

This step is simple. opt for a suitable length of time in your Instagram giveaway.

balance is essential here. Too long and folks may overlook in regards to the giveaway. Too brief and there may not be sufficient urgency to make people enter.


  • a protracted giveaway. if you know your prize is tremendously valued and predict that many will enter, you will wish to have an extended giveaway to allow adequate time for promoting. however here is susceptible to your giveaway losing steam all over the latter half as a result of the excitement loss of life down as time goes on.
  • a short giveaway. in case your prize is on the small dimension and the goal of the giveaway is barely for enjoyable and engagement then a shorter giveaway time is exceptional. These types of giveaways may also be run commonly in short bursts. definitely do not run these contests per week or the pleasure might start to dwindle.

four. choose a Prize


When it comes to opting for a prize there’s one rule to be aware: opt for a prize that ties itself back to your enterprise. this way you’ll assure your Instagram giveaway will only reach americans drawn to your business/area of interest.

if you promote track equipment do not provide away an iPad. You run the possibility of people coming into just for the iPad and leaving once the giveaway finishes.

for maximum affect we advocate a prize kit made from smaller gifts so that it appeals to greater individuals. additionally, be sure to explicitly state the overall charge of the prize equipment to speak greater price (e.g. Win a prize kit valued at over $1200!).

listed below are 2 of the most fulfilling prizes to consist of on your giveaway:


  • Your personal products. This isn’t too tricky to tug off, giveaway your personal product or service. it is going to expose greater of your viewers to your business and optimistically generate more high quality experiences.
  • a present card. a gift card works smartly as a result of customers can use it to purchase from your enterprise or a enterprise involving your niche.


in the instance beneath Keurig is freely giving a grand prize of $a thousand in money plus a $150 Keurig reward card. There are a number of other prizes including Keurig brewers, pods, and reward cards. The prize ties every little thing returned to Keurig.

Now that you have picked your theme, solidified the guidelines, and picked your prize or not it’s time to advertise your giveaway.

There are 2 methods that you can promote your giveaway:


  • Paid. Google Adwords, fb advertisements, LinkedIn adverts, Twitter adverts, Pinterest advertisements. The alternate options are endless. at any place your audience is, there are paid ads that can attain them. for new organizations that haven’t garnered tons of a following yet, paid advertisements are a good approach to at once promote your giveaway.
  • organic. organic avenues for merchandising your giveaway is in reality best constrained through your own creativity. This may suggest standing on a highway corner handing out flyers or sending out emails to your well saved e mail checklist or adding a hellobar on the proper of your homepage.


For companies that have the elements, paid adverts are the quickest strategy to benefit traction in your Instagram giveaway. facebook advertisements are a well-liked option for giveaways and contests. They goal individuals by means of interests to find those without doubt to be interested in your product or carrier.

however don’t forget about biological recommendations. if you’ve already constructed a following it may also be so simple as accomplishing out to your audience and having them share it with their like-minded community. Incentives for sharing your giveaway or delivered CTAs in your web site will assist it reach new americans.

Tying all of it together

For agencies old and new, an Instagram contest is a fun and engaging strategy to develop your viewers.

There are 5 steps to running a superb Instagram giveaway:


  • opt for a giveaway theme
  • pick out the suggestions of the giveaway
  • choose a closing date
  • opt for a prize
  • Promote your giveaway