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Google is the world’s most used search engine. Approximately 80-90% people of the world are using it due to its quality of results. It always shows the most relevant results. People like it because the results that appear on google are the most relevant to their searched term. Due to this large market value, google kept improving its search results and user experience.  Google always tried its best to give their user the best experience and the most relevant results.

Although google came after many search engines were already in the market. But due to its good quality, it instantly captured the market. And the question is how it was able to capture the market? It was too late to the market then how it is possible for it to capture the market? The answer tot his question is the quality. It never let its quality down and always gave the best experience to its customers. That was the result that it is the king of the world of search engines.

The real reason behind the success of this search engine was its unique algorithm. Their specially tailored algorithm was the real reason behind their success. Their algorithm has some unique features in it. After the entering of the search term, the algorithm first searches the results related to it, then to find the most relevant and quality results, it checked the site with the most number of backlinks pointing to it. This search engine gave the value to the back links and considered it like votes.

So to manipulate it, people started giving their site the most number of back links and they used some negative means to get them. They started making spam backlinks to their site. In the start, people got the benefit from it but after some time, google made an update to their algorithm and made the detection of these spam backlinks possible. Then all the sites with these spam were deleted from google’s directory and no more bad experience was given to the users.

So this world’s best search engine kept evolving with the time and tried its best to present the most relevant results to the users. But now google has made a significant change in their algorithm. With the great surge in the number of users of the social media platforms, they are now giving the value to the social media platforms. A new term is devised for it that is “social signals”. This term is given to all the actions performed on social media platforms. Like when you like a post, it means you gave one social signal to the post.

This search engine started giving the value to these social signals. Since the Google plus is the Google’s own social media platform so Google is giving more value to it than others. In future, it is expected that the value of the social signals will rise significantly. So before this update comes try to make the social media profile of your website strong to reap its benefit in future.

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