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No doubt that more early you start your business more customers you will get and more market share will be held by you. This is one of the most common rules in the world of corporate. But these traditional rules were proved wrong by Google. Google was the last in the market for search engines yet it got the large market share and occupied all the customers. Nearly 90% of the internet users love it and use it. This is due to the best strategy used by its algorithm and the search results displayed by it that are most relevant to your searched query.

The reason behind the success of this search engine was the strategy used by its developer while designing and development of its algorithm. The algorithm was widely regarded by the search engine market and by the developers due to the intelligence level of this algorithm. The algorithm gave the best results and the output in the form of most relevant search results.

The main idea behind the algorithm was that it worked and responds in a unique way. When you enter any query or keyword in the search box it first identifies all the sites having this keyword or query in their tags or articles. Then after compiling all the results, it then identifies the sites with the most number of back links pointing to them. Then the sites with best back links are displayed in the search results.

So that was the idea behind the success of google due to which it got a lot of success was the techniques used in the algorithm. Some people tried to manipulate these things and made a large number of spam back links to their site. The result was that they were able to rank crappy sites having low-quality content. The complaints were filed to google against these spam. Google made a solution and modified the strategy. Now google only gives value to the high authority back links coming from high authority sites. So, in short this search engine tried its hard to give best results to its users.

With an increasing number of people using a search engine, google has now devised a strategy to use these results from search engines in their results. So a new term “social signals” is now been used. The term means any type of actions performed by us on social media like we follow, share or like a post. So now google is giving value to all these actions. And all these actions are now been used to compile search results. Hence it is necessary for web masters to make a plan to improve their social media presence and build up their social media profile. That early work will help them in future when more value will be assigned to these social signals. Hence our company is providing “Google circle followers”. You should buy it from us in order to improve your social media presence and to improve your position in search results. In future when more value will be assigned to these social factors. We always deliver more than we commit!