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Social media are on a verge of popularity and approximately everyone knows about them. Almost every one on this planet is using social media platforms to remain in contact with his relatives, friends, and colleagues. They help us a lot in sharing the content with our friends. They help us a lot in maintaining contacts and coordinating activities. We can also make business pages on these platforms. We can also promote our business pages on these social media platforms and could secure serious customers who sometimes become your long-lasting clients and they never think about any other company for their business.


So, in short, social media is not just a piece of a web application, rather it is a revolution in the field of communication who has changed our way of communication and marketing as well. A news or a video could get much popularity on social media that it may be spread like a storm on it. In many countries, a single news can become so popular on a social media that it may start a revolt against a politician or the prime personality being indicated in that news. No one should underestimate the power of social media. As everyone harnesses this power. The companies owning the popular search engines started to think about harnessing the power of these search engines. And finally, they came up with new ideas that made them able to harness the data from social media in a useful manner.


We all know about Google. Approximately, 90% of the internet users are using it to search their relevant interest on the internet. It was the last search engine to come in the market but it gradually topped the search engine rankings and today it is the market leader in this industry and it is also one of the most profit making company of the world.


The credit goes to their developers and idea makers. They develop the idea of developing a search engine that could search and show the most relevant results. This was the quality lacked by other search engines because they mostly showed some irrelevant results. Hence people wanted a search engine that could show the most relevant results.


The idea makers of the Google developed an idea that made this search engine unique from others and ultimately it showed the most relevant results. The idea was to develop an algorithm that would first analyse all the websites and compiled all of them having relevant tags in their on-page details. Then after it, the algorithm checked that which of these sites have the most number of back links from other authority sites and then those sites having the most numbers of back links were ranked at the top of the list.


Now, Google has amended its algorithm to harness the data from social media. The websites have their pages and while ranking the websites, the algorithm checks and ranks the site according to their social signals. Social signals are the outputs given by the users to the content on social media. We can provide these social signals to make your site look good in the algorithm. We can provide video views on facebook which will rank your site higher. And we always deliver more than we commit.