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The real reason behind the success of Google was their excellent strategic plan which they laid out. They implemented their algorithm on the basis of their plan. They were successful in implementing the algorithm and their algorithm worked according to the plan. This was the best moment for all internet users. Their algorithm was seriously flawless and it showed the best results. The internet users were filled with joy after using this search engine. Because it always showed the best results and it never showed the flawed or relevant results.

The main idea of its algorithm was that when you entered any query it first matched that query with the keywords available in the site’s meta tags and other descriptions and content. Then after it, the google compiled all the results and here the main recipe comes in the way. It then checked that which site has the most number of back links. Actually, google counted the back links as the votes to the site. More the vote, more will be the value and authority given to the site. In that way, google compiled the results. And its results were always relevant and good.

So, due to these reasons people who were using other search engines left them and switched to the Google. This was only because of the quality is given by it. But some people tried to manipulate the results and that strategy for their benefit. Those people have poor quality sites and they made a large number of back links through a spam way to their sites for just ripping money and didn’t give any good content to people. Their visitors were unhappy with the results. The complaint was filed in the Google and then their team started crackdown against those faulty sites. All the sites having these spam were removed from the search directory. And google updates its algorithm and it automatically banned all those sites who tried these ways. In short, this search engine never compromised on quality and always delivered best results.

One of the new thing that Google has incorporated into its algorithm is the use of “social signals”. With an increasing number of social media users, the search engine was bound to use the data from it in their search results. And now they use these likes, shares, and followers in compiling their search results. The sites having a good number of likes on facebook is given priority. So you should give these likes to your site, we can provide you original and quality likes to give your site the best ranking on the google.


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